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spiking hub

Safe Gigs Ireland have developed this Spiking Hub in response to an increase in reports of spiking  across Ireland, the UK and Europe. We are gathering your experiences of spiking in Ireland and the response you received from venues, health care professionals and your family and friends. We will compile this information and use it to develop a guide for venues when dealing with spiking.

what is spiking?

Spiking happens when a perpetrator puts drugs or alcohol in your body without you knowing. Perpetrators may add drugs or more alcohol to your drink, for example. Recent reports tell us that perpetrators are spiking victims using a needle injection. 

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support and advice

If you are out and suspect you have been spiked, you can take the following steps..

1. Notify someone you trust
This could be a friend, member of staff or security or a healthcare professional.

2. Seek medical help
This is particularly important if you if you feel drowsy, unwell or are experiencing hallucinations/visual issues.

3. Contact the Gardaí
If you feel comfortable, you can report what happened to the Gardaí. In an emergency, please call 999 or 112.

4. Inform the venue
If you feel comfortable, you can inform the venue that you were spiked. 

Remember - the only person to blame for spiking is the perpetrator. It is never the victims fault.
If you are working in a venue and there is a report of spiking, it is important that you believe the victim and signpost them to support (for example, the hospital or the Gardaí).

If you were subjected to sexual violence, help and support is available. Click the button below to find details of your local rape crisis centre or your local sexual assault treatment unit.

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