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Everyone deserves to feel safe at gigs. Everyone deserves to have fun. As we return to normal, we want to create a new normal - a safer normal, for everyone. 

Safe Gigs Ireland is an initiative to make gigs and nightlife safer, for everyone. We want to eliminate discrimination and sexual violence in nightlife by creating a zero-tolerance environment for all forms of violence and unacceptable behaviour. 


manifesto tolerance

3.train + educate
4.believe + support

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how does it work?

We ask that all venues, event and festival organisers, promoters, crew, artists, staff, security and attendees who sign up to Safe Gigs share the same goal. If you sign up to Safe Gigs you agree to…

  • promote Safe Gigs for everyone

  • tackle sexual violence and discrimination in your environment through zero tolerance

  • support those around you to ensure everyone has a good night out, free from harm. 

    The response will be different depending on your position in the industry and your environment. To find out what your response should be check out our Charter. To sign up or get involved, visit our Contact page.

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